Our approach aspires to achieve Social Goodness and involves following values which we refer to as 5Gs of Goodness.

  1. Goodwill: The promote and nurture the determination to do GOOD.
  2. Giving: The preserve the feeling, practice and the idea of giving.
  3. Guided: To always be guided by informed practice and proven knowledge.
  4. Grounded: To reinforce the idea that real impact emanates from the ground.
  5. Genuine: To strive to be genuine and true to our practice.

IndiGive is on a mission to drive Social Good through Giving. At IndiGive, we believe goodness is a paradigm, where empowered human beings live in harmony with their environment. Our approach towards this involves following elements:

Goodwill is the quintessential quality to induce goodness. It is said that where there’s a will, there’s a way, and at IndiGive, we believe that where there's goodwill, there’s always a way to inspire goodness. As an organisation, we’re determined to encourage and foster change.

Giving is the key to making the world a better place to live. Giving encapsulates sharing of goods and extension of privileges to create an ecosystem driven by respect, compassion and care.

To realise our motto of making every act of Giving count, we made a conscious decision to work in a manner that enforces confidence, transparency and on-the-ground impact.

To us, ground not only signifies our work field or intervention area but also the earth. We believe that until we connect our practice to the ground and earth, our work will neither be real nor sustainable. Therefore, fostering relationships with beneficiaries on the ground and affecting real change forms the basic tenet of our organisation.

Genuineness doesn’t only signify a virtue but also a principle for us. The spark in the eyes of our beneficiaries inspires us to be true to them and our work. We understand that our actions impact human lives, and therefore we should tread this path realistically and responsibly.

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