Hunger Alleviation | Ahmedabad Food Bank

At IndiGive Foundation, we envision the Ahmedabad Food Bank Program for people in need to fight hunger while empowering them to promote lasting improvement and change.

The objective of the program is to act as a stopgap model enabling households in need to rise against hunger.

We define families and people in need as persons with minimised capacities that prevent their self-empowerment. We primarily cater to citizens who aren’t connected to any social welfare programs or, despite assistance, aren’t able to lead a dignified life.

Program Philosophy:

Since long, we have been taught that after air and water, food is the most quintessential element for human survival. Despite our technological leaps and development as a human civilization, we’re still grappling with the basic issue of providing two-time meals to our citizens in a dignified manner. IndiGive Foundation believes that an individual’s self-improvement and development begins with food in the stomach, and that is the single most important consideration for any act of change or transformation to begin with.

We recognise and appreciate the government’s efforts towards ameliorating the condition of citizens with regard to tackling the issue of hunger. However, at the same time, we realise that due to various institutional and circumstantial constraints, the last-mile delivery and availability of food on every table is still a challenge for many families and individuals. Our experience of providing rations and meals to citizens, among other things, during the COVID-19 pandemic taught us the importance of the work and the immense value that it meant for the intended families, which were critically struggling to lead a life.

IndiGive Foundation attempts to bridge this gap by providing rations to the families and individuals that are not in a position to fend for their daily needs until they are empowered and self-sufficient enough to provide food for themselves or are connected to relevant social welfare schemes.

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