Individual Support

We firmly believe that to do good, all is required is goodwill!

IndiGive will facilitate you to see the butterfly effect of even the smallest acts of support, kindness and compassion. Afterall, Our motto is to make every act of Giving count!

Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes; It doesn’t matter cash or kind! Your one day's coffee cost could be someone’s meal for the day. So, don’t shy away and relish the joy of giving by supporting a dream or cause in whatever way you can.

Be our Digital Amplifiers!

Whether you’re a school student getting pocket money or a fresher. Just know that you can help too by following our social media handles and help us reach out to more people! Isn’t that easy? Every additional connection you help us make, every new person you help us reach would be your mighty act of kindness, possible only because of your goodwill.

My day, My way campaign!

We all celebrate our special days with great joy and enthusiasm. We throw a party for our birthdays, book a table for our anniversaries and sometimes even cut cakes without any occasion, Right? So, let’s multiply this happiness by sharing your special day with someone else? Curious…

Let us explain. Whether it’s your birthday or anniversary or any day of significance of your choice; IndiGive will match you with similar profiles with similar aspirations but less fortunate backgrounds (Children to Children, couples to couples and elderly to elderly) having their special day on that very date. So, let’s make someone else smile on their special day by sending a sweet greeting card or a slice of cake maybe!

At IndiGive, we believe that our socio-economic backgrounds shouldn’t be our limitations and therefore we bring to you options of carefully vetted profiles to make your special day even more special by experiencing the joy of sharing.

Dreams indeed come true fundraiser

We understand the value of dreams. Big or Small, dreams are our choicest of wishes emanating from deep desire to make them come true.

IndiGive provides a fundraising platform to make those dreams come alive.

Let’s Do It! Free custom fundraiser to support the cause of your choice.

Do you want to help, but don't know How to? We value your experiences and it’s completely alright if your inclinations don’t align with our current areas of work. We would be happy to personally assist you at every step of the way and will try our best to align your interests to a cause for you to support for social good. IndiGive will also assist you in shaping your ideas and will provide you with a platform to create your customised campaign for the cause closer to your heart! So, let’s do it!

Following are the ideas that we could think of! But we leave the creative choice to you…

  • Monitory support Fundraiser Birthday Celebrations, Wedding, baby showers, remembrance days.
  • Physical or Digital Campaigns/Runs/Walks/cyclothon/Skating.
  • Concerts/Flash mobs/Stand-ups/Competitions.
  • Join us in our mission of
    converting Giving into Goodness

    Partner with Us