5th June - 25th June

Celebrating June as an Eco-Month

'An initiative by IndiGive Foundation and CSRBOX with India Recycles as recycling partner for creating environmental consciousness'

- This June, Let’s make the planet swoon!

It’s a general knowledge that our planet is in a mess right now. Thanks to us humans, we have turned this wonderful green planet into a boiling teapot. The planet is whistling to us the signs that we need to ACT and we need to ACT NOW.

Before the water boils over. Let’s turn off the hob and cool down our dear earth through our sweet little ways.

IndiGive Foundation and CSRBOX have joined hands to do their own bit towards the planet by facilitating a simple and easy practice called Recycling!

Yes! If only we start recycling our clothes and empty our cupboards of clothes, shoes and toys. We can contribute towards betterment of our planet and a sustainable future.

Your products will then go to underprivileged sections of the society, filling their hearts with joy and leaving an ear to ear smile on earth’s face.

I want to bring down my Carbon Footprint. What Can I do? How can you contribute?

For Corporates For Individuals/Communities
Step 1: Contact us to get donation boxes placed at your offices Step 1: Clean out your closets, gather your old clothes, toys, and pairs of shoes that are still in good condition at individual or community level
Step 2: Employees will place their clothes, toys, shoes in donation boxes Step 2: Drop your donation boxes at our office Shivalik Satyamev
Step 3: At the end of 5 days, our team will come and collect those boxes to transport to slums for the garage sale Step 3: The boxes will be transported to slums for the garage sale
Step 4: Get a comprehensive report about your donations Step 4: Get to know how your donation has brought a smile

These items can find a new life and bring joy to those who are less fortunate. By donating them, you'll be complementing our efforts to reduce waste and SAVE OUR PLANET!

You can also support us by volunteering with us. Send a request to info@indigive.org | 80173 73471

We also welcome your support through monetary contributions. Your donations will contribute towards the operational costs of this Recycling Drive. From logistics to organizing the weekly bazaars in the slum areas, your financial support ensures the success and sustainability of this impactful initiative. Please note that all donations are voluntary.

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1. Why Recycling?

Did you know that in India alone, more than 1 million tonnes of textiles are discarded by households every year? Shockingly, textile waste ranks as the third-largest form of solid municipal waste. On a global scale, the textile industry contributes a staggering 10% of total carbon emissions, surpassing the emissions from international travel and maritime shipping combined. This Environment Day, we at IndiGive Foundation and CSRBOX are doing our bit to preserve our one and only home. Our Planet Earth. Through this, we seek to promote green & sustainable habits and practices and generate much needed environmental consciousness among corporates and individuals.

2. What are the benefits of Recycling?

In many ways, recycling benefits the environment. It lessens the quantity of waste that ends up in landfills and lowers our nation's carbon footprint. Additionally, it turns garbage into valuable products and creates work for numerous people both locally and globally. Additionally, reusing clothing might benefit those in need. It offers reasonably priced, high-quality apparel and funds charitable initiatives.
Recycling clothing can lessen the quantity of greenhouse gas produced by the textile sector in addition to these advantages. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions can help slow down climate change.

3. About IndiGive Foundation

At IndiGive Foundation, we believe in the power of collective action to make a positive impact on our environment and communities. This Eco Month, in collaboration with CSRBOX and India Recycles, we are embarking on a remarkable initiative that tackles the issue of under-utilized materials and pre-loved items.

4. About Barely Plastic

BARELY PLASTIC is an initiative to educate, nudge and equip students or future consumers to understand the ill-effects of single use plastic for reducing the daily Single-Use Plastic consumption and choosing sustainable and green alternatives for single use plastic.
It is an intervention to promote environmental and social consciousness in the community to achieve a healthier and greener lifestyle for the better planet. The program is also delivered as a 45-50 min workshop to class 6th to 10th students in an interactive mode and the students are nudged to go to an online platform to learn more DIY gigs and be more conscious about their choices as a consumer. Intensive engagement plans are designed for a certain set of schools. The text that is in bold in the image keeps it bold only in this one as well.
Considering ‘Behavioral change’ as an important arm of the approach for elimination of Single-Use Plastics. We propose an awareness and behavioral change-driven initiative ‘BARELY PLASTIC’ for current and future consumers of the society to make them more aware and equipped to reduce Single-Use Plastic consumption from the value chain.

5. About CSRBOX

CSRBOX is India’s leading CSR knowledge and impact intelligence driven partnerships platform for the development community. At CSRBOX, we are committed to the idea of advancing social impact and change. Whether you are a Donor agency looking to invest in transformative and sustainable projects or an implementation leader dedicated to accomplish your organization’s goals, CSRBOX can help you achieve your objectives. With years of experience in working on social development projects with nonprofits, corporate and social enterprises, we excel in catalyzing the vibrant social transformation movement in India by driving collaborations and partnerships for good. With research, strategy and designing tailored programs in the CSR ecosystem, we help our clients solve their most challenging issues.

6. About India Recycles

India Recycles is a campaign started with an aim to promote the sustainable model of various concepts surrounding the Reuse & Recycling of products through the collection of various pre-owned items as donations. The target is to bring this awareness to every community, class and society of the city.

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